5 Things to Consider when Selecting Your Wedding Date.

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BY Daniel H 16 Jul 2020

 Things to Consider when Selecting Your Wedding Date


For some reason, the first question you hear after announcing your engagement is… 


So, when’s the big day?


Needless to say, your wedding date is an important part of your planning. And it’s not as simple as pulling a random date out of your hat. Some research is required.


Here are five things you should consider when picking the perfect date.


  1. Time to plan

Planning a wedding takes effort and can be quite stressful (and worth every minute of stress!). When choosing your date, be sure to give yourself plenty of time to plan. Typically, the longer the timeline, the less stressful the preparations will be.


  1. Holidays

Getting married on a national holiday is not completely out of the question. But it comes with its downsides. Keep in mind that many of your guests might not be able to make it due to other family obligations. Also, venue planners are usually very busy during the holidays.


  1. Your closest family members

There are some people you simply don’t want to miss your wedding. Like your closest family members and your besties for life. So when choosing your wedding date, be sure to consult with them to learn about any important dates they have coming up. Big work events, pregnancies, long awaited trips – you want to know about anything that could clash with your big day.


  1. Season and weather

Each season comes with its own pros and cons. You can get massive discounts in the winter, but you might have to forego that beautiful outdoor event you’ve always longed for. Or you can plan a beautiful halloween themed wedding for fall, just as long as you’re comfortable paying full price. 


  1. Your Venue’s Calendar

Your wedding venue plays a big role in choosing your wedding date. Sure you might have the perfect date in mind, but is your venue available on that day? Popular venues can be fully booked well in advance, especially for seasons like spring and fall.


There’s nothing quite as exciting as picking the perfect date for your wedding. There are so many things to consider, and this list will have you well on your way.


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