7 Steps to Picking the Perfect Wedding Venue.

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BY Daniel H 4 Jun 2020

Finding the perfect wedding venue takes time and planning. But it’s one of the most important steps in your whole wedding planning journey. Before you start seeking venues, it’s a good idea to have your general wedding theme in mind, to help narrow down potential venues.


Here’s a list of steps to take when starting your search:


  1. Find a planner

Wedding planners are invaluable resources. They shoulder a lot of the stress and responsibilities of getting all the little details ready for the big day. If you’re using a planner, they will need to be a part of your search for the perfect venue, and they will be able to give some helpful tips.


  1. Set a date

This is important, as not all venues are available year round. Also, the time of year will determine to a great extent the cost of the venue. And this could be a range of dates, in case you and your love have not yet settled on a definite date. 


  1. Draft your guest list

How many people do you have in mind for your wedding? Remember that different venues will have different capacities, so knowing your target guest count is a must when searching for the right wedding venue.


  1. Build your budget

The amount of money you have to spend will play a big part in your choice of wedding venue. Take the time to build out your entire wedding budget, and consider that about 60 percent of your overall budget will go towards food, drinks and entertainment.


  1. Research online

Once you have your budget, date and guest count in mind, it’s time to start researching venues that can accommodate those figures. The best way to start is by searching for venues in your area online.


  1. Show-round

Once you’ve selected about five of your favourite venues or so, it’s time to pay them a visit. Give them a call or shoot them an email with any pertinent questions, and then make the trip to check them out personally. Pay attention to space, backdrop, bathrooms, parking and other amenities.


  1. Read and sign your contract

Once you’ve found your perfect venue, it’s time to read through your contract – and thoroughly – and sign if you’re satisfied with the terms and conditions.


Congratulations! You’ve completed one of the biggest tasks in your wedding planning process. Now you can take it easy and finalise the other little details.