Just 7 Steps to Throwing the Best Office Christmas Party Ever

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BY casa_editor 8 May 2019

Office Christmas parties are not just for workmates to get into the holiday spirit. They are social events instrumental in helping employees let go of office stress.

Christmas parties help to foster team spirit and mutual appreciation between work colleagues and office mates. They offer the perfect chance to meet up and have a good time in an informal, relaxed environment away from the work floor.

So taking your office Christmas party too lightly is the worst mistake you can possibly do. Especially when it is so easy to elevate your Christmas party from mediocre to smashing success in just a few easy steps. Just follow the checklist below, it is as easy as that, to get it perfectly right.

7-Step Checklist to Impressive Office Christmas Parties

These 7 simple steps can easily take your Christmas party from a one-night affair to the talk of the season!

  • Decide on an Impressive Venue

Probably the most important item on this checklist is choosing the right venue for your office Christmas party. Of course, some of the important criteria for consideration are: within budget, easy to reach location, impressive location, facilities and services, etc. For a memorable party experience, book a good venue that stands out among others, such as upscale hotels.

Before you book a venue, ensure that you have your vision for the party’s theme and requirements in mind. Booking your venue in advance saves you time and last-minute rush related stress, and it also helps you get early-bird discounts. Don’t forget to ask for corporate or group discounts too.

  • Organize Transportation

To elevate the guest experience at your Christmas party, why not go a step further than just sending out the invitations. Rent a bus or arrange another form of transport so that everyone can travel to and from the party location together. A pick up from your usual place of business works best, as everyone is already aware of the location and the parking areas nearby. Party games and fun conversation starters can begin during the trip itself so everyone is already party-ready by the time you arrive at your party venue.

  • Pick The Right Theme

Theme-based Christmas parties are quite in vogue right now and even if you detest the idea of dressing up in something costume-y for the occasion, others might actually enjoy it. In fact, theme-based office Christmas parties are a super way to catch your otherwise ‘straight tie and work suit’ colleagues in something other than formal attire. You’d be surprised at just how unrecognizable some of them are when dressed as Sansa Stark or Khal Drogo!

  • Handpick a Scrumptious Menu

Not many know this actually, but menus make parties! Plan your menu well in advance, keep it in line with the party’s theme and make it grand, suitable to the occasion. Serving finger foods and eye-catching hors d’oeuvres that go great with pre-dinner drinks is a smart idea. Pay attention to special diets by catering to vegetarians and vegans.

  • Wow Them With Your Drink Choices

Move over traditional drinks, the ones that come out of bottles. Exotic mixes and champagne punches are more in line with the occasion, not to mention current drink trends. If you book a hotel as your venue, ask about the bar facilities in advance. If you really want to go all out with wowing your party guests, hire a professional bartender for fun, flair and bar theatrics. Now that’s an office party you’re not likely to forget anytime soon.

  • Pick Entertainment That Brings Everyone Together

You just need to type ‘office Christmas party games’ in the Google search bar to be inundated with a flood of interesting ideas. But be wary of picking something that isn’t inclusive or doesn’t include everyone, for that’s a sure-shot way to fail the party. Pick a good MC to guide the crowds and ensure that everyone participates and have fun.

  • Pay Attention to Details: Invites, Decorations & More

Everything is in the details really. To take a party from normal to phenomenal, you need to pay detailed attention to things like invitations, decorations, seating arrangements and more. Of course, things get that much easier once you decide on your theme. You can spend as little or as much as you like on these details as long as you get creative and keep things fun.

Just follow this checklist and have all the attendees talking about your office party for the entire year to come. If hosting an office Christmas party is not something your company can do this year, consider pocket-friendly alternatives such as a low-key Christmas dinner instead. Holiday celebrations should definitely be a part of your company calendar irrespective of how grand the celebrations are; they help keep employees feeling happy and valued.