Dine at Casa Hotel’s 100% authentic Italian restaurant, Sapori di Casa. From primi piati to main course, and then the dolce, without taking anything away from our mouth-watering stuzzichini and contorni, every item on our handpicked menu is a winner. The impressive Italian menu offers you a taste of culinary couture with a modern twist.

Sapori di Casa uses fresh, local and seasonal ingredients, giving you the freshest taste of Italy right here in Yateley. A wide selection of wines, chilled ales and lagers are available for exquisite pairings.

Sapori di Casa’s thoughtful menu practices true inclusiveness. It caters to all popular diets and diet restrictions. So whether you are a vegan, a vegetarian or are gluten-intolerant, ours is the one authentic Italian restaurant that offers you some great variety in choice.

For office barbecue and other bookings, call 01252 749 142.